NYSERDA’s Biomimicry Technical Assistance Program

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Biomimicry is a design process that studies and learns from nature’s models, then imitates or takes inspiration from natural forms and processes to solve human problems.

Companies that have used biomimicry have reported that the process breaks them free of traditional research and development paradigms, opening a new world of potential innovation by introducing the brilliance of natural solutions. Companies may be able to reduce costs, minimize regulatory oversight, and create unique marketing opportunities.

Biomimetic innovations are helping companies save energy, reduce waste, and create successful products by using the natural world for inspiration.  PaxFan, for example, mimics the spiral-shaped flow of natural systems such as tornadoes and whirlpools. The company’s fans increase performance in settings as diverse as wastewater treatment plants and computer cooling systems. Another application has led to success for REGEN Energy, a company that created a wireless energy management system based on the communication strategies of swarming bees. Rather than requiring each device controlled by the wireless system to communicate with one central monitor, REGEN’s
EnviroGrid allows devices within the system to communicate with each other,  just as individual bees take their cues from those closest to them when moving in a swarm.

NYSERDA, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, is funding a 2-year program that allows New York State manufacturers to participate in free workshops and consulting on biomimetic design. This
program will bring companies facing energy challenges together with biologists who can provide insight into potential solutions.

Take a look at 15 of the coolest cases of biomimicry, which includes:

 11. Friction-Reducing Sharkskin 

One of the best ways to reduce reliance on fossil fuels is to achieve more efficient use of the energy we do consume. Inspired by the evolved ability of shark’s skin to reduce drag by manipulating the boundary layer flow as the fish swims, researchers are developing coatings for ship’s hulls, submarines, aircraft fuselage, and even swimwear for humans. Based on the varying shape and texture of shark’s skin over its body, Speedo’s Fastskin FSII swimsuits made their appearance at the Bejing Olympics and may have helped US swimmer Michael Phelps to his record eight gold medals in that competition, and the rest of the team as well.
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SCORE’s e-Business Now Website

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SCORE has a new website for small business owners -  e-Business Now.  The purpose of this new service is to help small business grow and prosper using contemporary technology to compete more effectively.