NYSERDA’s Energy Assessments for Commercial Buildings

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NYSERDA has started a commercial building energy assessment pilot program — called FlexTech.  From NYSERDA’s website:

FlexTech Benchmarking Pilot

The Benchmarking Pilot provides benchmarking and onsite operational assessments. Selected FlexTech Consultants will benchmark participating facilities with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Portfolio Manager and develop site-specific reports recommending operational or system modifications that may result in energy savings.

  • Who is eligible?
    • Commercial, industrial and institutional facilities contributing to the electric System Benefits Charge (SBC) and 50,000 square feet or greater.
  • How much funding is available?
    • The pilot augments traditional FlexTech incentives by providing the first $7,000 of assistance per building with no cost share required.
      • Additional assistance needed above $7,000 will be cost shared 50% by the applicant and NYSERDA
  • How can I get started?
    • Fill out the Benchmarking Referral Form here. Your information will be forwarded to a FlexTech Consultant to begin discussing the participation process.

Multifamily buildings can also participate in the Benchmarking Pilot – please see NYSERDA’s Multifamily webpage for more information.

It’s definately worth a look.

Small Business and Social Media

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Socialmediaexamier.com has a post about small business owners realizing benefits from using social media.  From the post:

Here are some other areas where small business owners saw greater benefits than their peers:

  • The self-employed and small business owners were more likely to report new partnerships, with at least 59% noting a benefit.
  • Small businesses were twice as likely to find qualified leads than other types of businesses.
  • Forty-eight percent of self-employed and small business owners saw improved sales as a direct result of their social media efforts.
  • The self-employed (59%) and small business owners (58%) were more likely than others to see reductions in marketing costs when using social media marketing.

 The post is based on the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.  Check out the report to find out more.

Video Game for Increased Math Skills by the University of Rochester

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The University of Rochester has a site that lists Entrepreneur-Ready Technologies.  We will be highlighting some of these technologies from time to time.   Today we will highlight a video game for increased math skills (this link opens a pdf):

An action-packed video game is being developed that trains skills in non-verbal number sense by providing content which challenges the approximate number sense and by following established factors for brain plasticity and learning. Research on the development of mathematical competence in children has found a correlation between achievement in symbolic math and non-verbal number acuity (the ability to judge the approximate number of items in visual or auditory arrays without verbally counting.)  The game is designed with the appeal of an entertainment video game to assure the attention of the player.

 If only we could learn everything this way…

Thermal Interposer Technology — listed at NY Innovation Marketplace

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Thermal Interposer Technology increases the reliability using integrated circuits at higher temperatures.   The most likely market for this product are purchasers of high-end notebook computers.  The inventor would like to talk to those that are interested in the purchase of or investment in this technology.   From the NY Innovation Marketplace report:

The popularity of notebook computers is due, in part, to the continuing growth of wireless Internet connections both inside the home and out, the mobility of laptops themselves and their continuing price drops.  Currently, 50% of all computers sold are laptops/notebook computers. By 2012, they are expected to account for more than 80% of the consumer market. 

The increased mobility of the notebooks means keeping an eye on where they are both used and stored to ensure the successful operation of the system.  Extreme variations in temperature and humidity can lead to serious problems.  Expansion and contraction can cause signal tracks on circuit boards to crack & separate and solder points to break.

Thanks to the researchers at Binghamton University, they have developed & patented a thermal interposer technology that offers a means for integrated circuits built into high-end notebook computers, workstations & servers to continue to operate reliably at higher temperatures.  

It works because it is based on the use of metal nanostructures with very high thermal conductivity that are designed to penetrate the surfaces they are brought against, thereby greatly reducing the interfacial resistance. For microelectronics and laser companies using high power packages, this thermal interposer technology provides a timely solution because it can dissipate higher power and allow packages to operate within an acceptable temperature range.

This novel approach will have a huge impact as it reduces interfacial resistance by an order of magnitude & enables a significant increase in dissipation associated with increasingly high power electronics.


If you are not already a member, sign up today (it’s free).

NYSERDA’s Biomimicry Technical Assistance Program

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Biomimicry is a design process that studies and learns from nature’s models, then imitates or takes inspiration from natural forms and processes to solve human problems.

Companies that have used biomimicry have reported that the process breaks them free of traditional research and development paradigms, opening a new world of potential innovation by introducing the brilliance of natural solutions. Companies may be able to reduce costs, minimize regulatory oversight, and create unique marketing opportunities.

Biomimetic innovations are helping companies save energy, reduce waste, and create successful products by using the natural world for inspiration.  PaxFan, for example, mimics the spiral-shaped flow of natural systems such as tornadoes and whirlpools. The company’s fans increase performance in settings as diverse as wastewater treatment plants and computer cooling systems. Another application has led to success for REGEN Energy, a company that created a wireless energy management system based on the communication strategies of swarming bees. Rather than requiring each device controlled by the wireless system to communicate with one central monitor, REGEN’s
EnviroGrid allows devices within the system to communicate with each other,  just as individual bees take their cues from those closest to them when moving in a swarm.

NYSERDA, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, is funding a 2-year program that allows New York State manufacturers to participate in free workshops and consulting on biomimetic design. This
program will bring companies facing energy challenges together with biologists who can provide insight into potential solutions.

Take a look at 15 of the coolest cases of biomimicry, which includes:

 11. Friction-Reducing Sharkskin 

One of the best ways to reduce reliance on fossil fuels is to achieve more efficient use of the energy we do consume. Inspired by the evolved ability of shark’s skin to reduce drag by manipulating the boundary layer flow as the fish swims, researchers are developing coatings for ship’s hulls, submarines, aircraft fuselage, and even swimwear for humans. Based on the varying shape and texture of shark’s skin over its body, Speedo’s Fastskin FSII swimsuits made their appearance at the Bejing Olympics and may have helped US swimmer Michael Phelps to his record eight gold medals in that competition, and the rest of the team as well.
For more information contact:

Siobhan Watson
Terrapin Bright Green

Solar Load Controller (SLC)— listed at NY Innovation Marketplace

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The  Solar Load Controller (SLC)  reacts to the availability of solar energy & determines expected peak load which is then used to modify operating schedules of conntected solar energy systems or appliances.  Likely customers include industry and business power consumers, such as hospitals and public schools.  The inventor is seeking to meet people interested in purchasing or investing in this innovation.  From the NYIM report (registration is free):

 Industrial & business power consumers have steadily increased their use of solar energy in the last decade to control costs through demand shedding.  Although this method is useful, its full potential has not been fully utilized because demand reduction can be compromised locally (by transient clouds, for example).

The researchers at the University of Albany recognized this and developed the patented Solar Load Controller (SLC).  

 The SLC reduces the energy load of services (such as lights, machines, air conditioning, etc.) according to load prioritization schemes during critical time frames & the availability of solar or other renewable power plant energy.  It works because the SLC reacts to the availability of solar energy. Through the use of patented algorithms, the solar availability signal is analyzed & processed to create a dynamically determined expected peak load which is then used to modify the operating threshold and/or schedules of the grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) energy system or appliances.

The value of the SLC should far exceed its cost.  The SLC may add up to $500 of value per installed PV kW, in effect, a 10% reduction in the cost of a commercially sited PV power plant.  So the advantages of this brand new technology are two fold. Not only will the cost of the energy be lower, it also will be clean energy, two things that are highly sought of in today’s economy.


Check out this and other great innovations at the NYIM!

Benchtop Cryocooler — listed at the NY Innovation Marketplace

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The Benchtop Cryocooler is listed on the NY Innovation Marketplace (NYIM). The innovator is interested in connecting with people interested in the purchase, investment, or distribution of this product. Likely customers include laboratory scientists. From the NYIM report (registration is free):

Quiet, carefree, cryogen-free deep cold on your benchtop, for fast freezing of samples and tissue; temporary or long-term storage at -200C (or any temperature as low as that).  Zero maintenance (oil-free, no filters, no valves).  Orientation and motion insensitive (works in any position and in vehicles).  Runs on 110/220 wall power – no special wiring required. 

No other cryocooler can provide this level of efficiency, silence for use in the work area, and durability.  Conventional coolers with similar cooling capacity consume 2-3 times the power of a Qdrive and need annual rebuilds; all the while making a clank and hiss that prohibits their convenient location in the work area.  Only Qdrive can be a right-hand servant tot he researcher at the benchtop.


Check out the Benchtop Cryocooler and other great NY Innovations today!

15 Most Worthless Inventions – According to Business Pundit

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When you talk about innovation, it’s just as important to discuss failures and flops as it is to discuss revolutionary discoveries or concepts.  Business Pundit has a humorous blog post titled 15 of the Most Worthless Inventions Money Can Buy,  which include:

The Dumbell Cane
Get a Grip Wine Glass Grip
Cleavage Coverage (This video includes a lot of swearing)
The Plow Gun
The Useless Box

Check it out for a laugh or two.

Float Tech: Making Inflatable Life Jackets

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Float Tech designs, manufactures and sells patented, inflatable life jackets to recreational, commercial and government customers.  The company has developed a patent protected inflatable bladder contained within an inner lining that is easily zipped into multiple jacket or vest outer shell designs for use as a coast guard approved personal floatation device.

From Float Tech’s website:

Float Tech® Inc. (formally known as Orca Gear Inc), began as an M.B.A. class project at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in April 2002. The year long class project rapidly evolved into a company, which has recently been recognized as New York’s Capital Region’s “Most Promising New Enterprise.” (Awarded in November 2004)

Float Tech’s mission is to revolutionize the present watersports market with our cutting-edge, patent-pending products. We strive to impact and serve our markets by producing a top quality safety products that people will want to wear.

Float Tech has a great story and product.  Check out their video below.


SCORE’s e-Business Now Website

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SCORE has a new website for small business owners -  e-Business Now.  The purpose of this new service is to help small business grow and prosper using contemporary technology to compete more effectively.